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I am working on sculpture in the widest sense: material appearances in space.
I perceive the individual medias that I embrace such as drawing, sculpture, installation and performance, limbs of the same organism.

The limits and the margins,the traumas, the disturbances and the displacements of the body, the materials and the objects are always embedded in the works.

I hold a Master and a PostGraduate Diploma in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK and BA Hons from School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki, GR.

I presented my work in exhibitions solo and group  in Greece, UK, U.S.A., Germany, Lebanon and Cyprus.

My work can be found in the collections : DD Collection-D.Daskalopoulos, State Museum of Contemporary Art, F.Kyriakopoulou and other private collections.

I am also founding member of the live-art group "KangarooCourt" and I live and work in Athens since 2010.


“Construction site of exceptional feelings”
The Breeder Feeder
Participating artists:
Agnieszka Polska
Nana Sachini
Sofia Stevi
Constance Tenvik
Marianne Vlaschits
Curated by Sofia Stevi / Fokidos
Opening: Thursday 5 March 2020, 8-10pm
Exhibition dates: 5 March – 28 March 2020
Opening times: Tuesday - Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-6pm
"Let’s try to think about situations and fitting people with each other and thinking about ideal environments and the perfect dinner party guests. Curating a show as an artist is about creating a situation where I would like to co-exist. All the artists of the exhibition are contemporaries of mine, that I came across in one way or another and have never exhibited together before. All the works shown in the exhibition deal with the idea of being human in different ways, notions of “Otherness” and individuality as part of the human nature".
(The title of the show belongs to the greek poet and writer Yorgos Chronas and is the subtitle of the greek literature periodical "Odos Panos" published in Athens since 1981.)
Sofia Stevi, Athens 2020
Agnieszka Polska’s films, are typical examples of the introspection process that shapes her work. "Ask the Siren" is a film very much about the Polish identity but through the poetry of language and image speaks universally about being another to oneself in a kind of a schizophrenic split. "Leisure Time of a Firearm" is a very abstract, monotonous video, more like a screen saver where a gun is never-endingly aiming an eye at close range.
Nana Sachini is showing a series of sculptures made in different sizes and materials. Monstrous feminine figures, half human-half animals with extended volumes are occupying the space like lost in time mythological entities, seductive and repulsive at once.
Sofia Stevi's “room paintings” are reflections upon oneself. Where the viewer seemingly sees scenes of still life, dreamy furniture and unfinished cigarettes there is always a self-portrait painting on the background haunting the pastel-coloured scene.
Constance Tenvik's paintings and drawings touch upon the long tradition of portraiture painting. These works reflect the “Other” in the most literal way as they are rich, detailed portraits of people showing the beauty, complexity and individuality of humans.
Marianne Vlaschits' paintings from the “Love Affairs” series are almost abstractions of bubbly shapes that remind us of an exotic, otherworldly microcosm of genitals, plants and sex toys ready to explode in tight embraces. Vlaschits' body of work lends from a deep interest in cosmology, science fiction as well as camp aesthetics.